Nastassja Riemermann (tsukikage85) wrote in abortiondebate,
Nastassja Riemermann

Don't agree with it?

I think I've heard people say things like "Don't agree with abortion? Then don't have one." Now, in my mind this seems like an incredibly simplistic way of looking of things. To those who don't agree with abortion, abortion is murder, an act which takes away the rights of a second party. Whereas saying "Don't agree with gay marriage? Then don't have one.", getting married to another person of your gender for sure doesn't take away any rights of the person you're marrying. No-one would say "Don't agree with murder? Then don't murder." or "Don't agree with theft? Then don't steal." I'm not really speaking here of whether abortion is right or wrong, but whether this particular line makes sense. Thoughts?
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