The Original Expatriated Zulu (kamuela) wrote in abortiondebate,
The Original Expatriated Zulu

The following information has been added to our user information page:

. "Hey, I've got this really cool personal story I want to use as an example in my post, can I?

Most of the time, yes, but we want you to consider the following guidelines:

* If your story is entirely about you, go for it.

* If your story contains other people, you should change their names and not disclose sufficient personal information to identify them to strangers.

* If you are using someone else's story, you MUST exercise caution, courtesy and common sense:

First: The internet is not a completely safe medium. If you are operating under the delusion that this is an aonoymous space, please disabuse yourself of that notion right now.

Second: Many stories related to abortion are ones that contain difficult life situations and, sometimes, enormous pain and anxiety for the people involved. Posting highly detailed, REAL, stories of other people holds them up to scrutiny and, potentially, ridicule, from complete strangers. Is this REALLY what you want to do?

Third: We have no way of knowing if the person in question has granted you permission to post said story. Without that permission, you are very likely violating that person's MORAL right to privacy even if you have broken no LEGAL privacy rights. The moderating team frowns upon such things. This is obviously different for people whose stories are in the CURRENT news.

Fourth: Detailed personal stories, even without names, expose the person in question to loss of anonymity. Think about this carefully: you posts something about a person you know. You post with extensive details. You have user information and people on your friends' list who know about you. Even with names removed, you have given people enough to very possibly find the person in question. Any personal stories that contain that much information about an individual will be rejected.

Fifth: ANY replies to any posts that violate these guidelines will be deleted when found and warned. Repeated violations may be grounds for banning.

Respect the right to privacy of people you know.
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