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ADMIN: Abortion related communities

This is a list of abortion related communities compiled by the management of abortiondebate. These communities are not affiliated with abortiondebate and we will not be responsible for your trolling, snarkiness, or general shit stirring in the below communities, should you choose to do so. Please read each community's rules before joining.

If you maintain an abortion related community on LiveJournal and would like to have your community added to this list, please e-mail the abortiondebate maintainers. DO NOT post a community promo in here.


· abortabortion: This is a community for those who would like to see the number of abortions decrease to discuss ways to make this happen. Please note that in this community, making abortion illegal is not something that will be discussed. If that is your goal, please go elsewhere. This is not a debate community. This is neither a pro-life nor pro-choice community - members are from both sides. Also, this is meant to be a respectful discussion.

· abortion_info: Newsblog-type thing about abortion. The posts find here are articles found through various news sources. This journal is updated as often as the maintainer can do so.

· abortion_uk: There are many abortion orientated communities on Live Journal, but this one is for British members. This is not a life-vs-choice debate community. This community is for the open minded discussion of abortion be that requests for advice, information research, support seeking, discussion of news events or experience sharing.

· abortioninfo: This community is here in order to give people considering abortion honest information about abortion. What it is like, what you can expect, what the law on it is, etc. However, people of any and all views will be allowed to post and comment, so long as they confine themselves to truthful information and non-judgmental posts. Note though: this is NOT a debate community. Debate leads to judgmental statements, which are not ok here as this is a "safe space."

· abortionstories: This community was made to provide a forum in which women can share their personal stories of pregnancy and abortion. This is not a debate community, only comments of support are welcome.

· adoptees: This is a community for adoptees to discuss whatever they feel like and as a place to meet people who have something in common with you.

· adoptiondebate: The purpose of this community is to create a place for those affected by adoption to discuss, debate & hopefully come to better understand, each other’s different points of view, whether negative or positive. It is neither a pro-adoption nor an anti-adoption community.

· afterabortion: AfterAbortion is a LiveJournal community, set up for people affected by abortion. It is designed to be a neutral space where women and men can express their true feelings and emotions in regard to their experiences. It is meant to be a supportive community, where individuals can find understanding and comfort in other LiveJournal users.

· akashichildren: Community for pro-life pagans. Here you can talk about the trials and tribulations that are unique to prolife pagans - since it seems to be uncommon that you can love nature and paganism and have a respect for life at all stages of development at the same time.

· am_i_pregnant: Quality, no-nonsense advice and information about getting or avoiding being pregnant.

· birthcontrol: This is a community is dedicated to questions and information regarding birth control.

· birthmothers: This community is for birthmothers and birthmothers only - a safe haven to share personal experiences, support, and discussion related to placing children for adoption.

· catholic4choice: This is a safe space for Catholic men and women to discuss why we think our church's stance on contraception and abortion is wrong.

· childfree: "We are a group of adults who all share at least one common desire: we do not wish to have children of our own. We are teachers, doctors, business owners, authors, computer experts - you name it. We choose to call ourselves 'childfree' rather than 'childless,' because we feel the term 'childless' implies that we're missing something we want - and we aren't."

· commonground: This is a safe haven for both pro-life and pro-choice activists out in the world that would like to try and find a way that we can all live and work together about one of the most passionate and emotional topics that is dividing our country.

· consistent_life: We are consistently pro-life! We oppose more than just abortion. We oppose all violence against all human beings. You do not have to be consistently pro-life to join, but you must support the consistently pro-life position. This is not a debate community; it is a support community. Post discussions about events, ideas, ramble, etc. relating to any pro-life activity.'

· countercrisis: This list was created to facilitate and expedite the planning process, as CounterCrisis Abortion Support and Funding Network grows from a far-fetched plan hatched on the internet to a reality. Here, we will plan, scheme, plot, discuss, and MAKE THINGS HAPPEN!

· debate: This Livejournal is a forum, like the Salons of old, for debate, heated discussion and argumentation.

· democrats4life: This community is a place for Democrats to discuss issues facing us in elections, to share information, talk about pro-life politicians, and to support each other (there is probably less than a dozen of us world wide...) in our unique stance.

· discussabortion: This community is less about debate and more about having questions answered.
The goal is to be able to discuss, not debate or invalidate, what we think as prochoicers and prolifers.

· ecp: This is a community for questions about ECP, news about breakthroughs, ways to be involved in making ECP available to everybody, and general discussion. This is a worldwide community, not limited to the United States.

· feministas: This is a collective community journal focusing on modern feminism & feminist issues. It is a safe space in which these things can be discussed.

· feminist: The Feminist Forum is a community designed for feminist related discussion.

· feminists4life: This is a community for pro-life feminists. It is not for pro-choice feminists, just as it is not for pro-life misogynists.

· glbtq4life: This community is for anyone gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, queer - not conventionally heterosexual, that is - and pro-life. For the purposes of this community pro-life will be defined as against abortion. This community is meant for support and not debate.

· godisprochoice: A community for pro-choice people who are also religious and/or spiritual.

· i_chose_life: This is a community for anyone who has been faced with a situation that deals with life and death, and has chosen life. Obviously, a main target of this community is women who are or have been pregnant and chose to give birth. However, we're also open to *anyone* at all, male or female, from any background, who has chosen life over death.

· imnotsorry: This is a place to tell your own personal abortion story. This is a support community, not a debate community. This community is primarily geared towards women who have aborted and do not regret their decision to abort and men/family members who have a positive abortion story to tell.

· lifeworeligion: This community is for people who feel they are pro-life (whether it be only anti abortion or pro-life in war, capital punishment, etc as well) yet don't base their feelings/decisions on religious statements or whatnot.

· ljforchoice: Lj For Choice exists as a collective to share information, educate, support, and take action, to protect a woman's right to choose. This community is not a forum for debating the morality of abortion.

· pro_choice: We know we're not the only pro-choice community on LJ. So why are we here? Because extra places to talk about fighting for the rights of women to choose when, how and if they become mothers is never a bad thing!

· pro_prevention: This community is a place for people on all sides of the abortion debate to discuss strategies for the prevention of abortion, from sex education to help for pregnant women and girls to rape prevention and changing adoption laws.

· prochoice: "Welcome to the Pro-Choice Community on LiveJournal!"

· prochoice_jesus: We are Christian and pro-choice. This does not have to specifically apply to abortion either. We do not feel this is against Jesus or his teaching.

· prolife: This is a place for pro-lifers to talk about issues and opinions relating to abortion.

· prolife_vegans: This community was created for pro-life veg*ns and the discussion of the pro-life movement as it relates to veg*nism (and vice versa). This is not a community for debating either subject although those who are not veg*n and/or not prolife are welcome to respectfully participate.

· prolifeactivism: This is a community for discussing pro-life work.

· prolifedebate: This community is expressly for debating issues of interest to people who identify as "pro-life" in terms of abortion. Ideally, this will serve as an alternative to bringing up controversial issues in the community prolife.

· u_make_ad_suck: "abortiondebate" sucks. Discuss.

· without_apology: We are pro-choice and we are not sorry. This community was started out of frustration with those who say, "I'm pro-choice, unless it's used as birth control/for teenagers only/but it's still evil and wrong/but no one should ever have an abortion/etc!" We support abortion on demand and without apology.
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