Katharine Elizabeth Henry Alexander (darthslacker) wrote in abortiondebate,
Katharine Elizabeth Henry Alexander

forum life vs. real life

I've been thinking about discussion and arguments that I've had on forums-mostly this one. It seems when you are dicussing abortion on line, it seem so easy to slip into the "OMG, I can't believe that *expletive* said that. What a *expletive*! I knew that the other side were a bunch of *expletive* selfish/ignorant/whatever *expletive*" 

And yet, in "real" life I know many people, both friends and family, who have the opposite view of me. We manage to get along (most of the time) without trying to kill each other. This might be because we usually don't sit down and hash out or argue different view points like abortion. But it just seems like there is something about the facelessness of online debating that makes it easier to slip into thinking horrible thoughts about the other person.

So my questions is, is everything you say on abortiondebate what you feel exactly? Do you think the style of discussion makes it easier for your judgement to get clouded or for you to take a position out of stubborness? Do you express you views differently in real life? 
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