lavendersparkle (lavendersparkle) wrote in abortiondebate,

Attitudes toward abortion and birth

This one's less of a debate and more of a sharing but I'm sure we'll manage to get some debate going off of it.

In my broodiness I've been looking at some communities about pregnancy and birth. I've noticed that quite a lot of the people interested in 'natural'/home/low intervention pregnancy and birth are also either strongly pro-life or strongly pro-choice. Now I can see the connection in that if you're interested in one thing to do with pregnancy you're likely to be interested in others, but I think that it's more than that. I think that some women's attitudes to labour and abortion are connected. Women who are pro-choice and into 'natural' birth seem to see the issues as connected through women's control of our bodies. Women who are pro-life and into 'natural' birth seem to connect the two through a the belief that pregnancy and birth are normal parts of life and seeing abortion as part of the pathologisation and medicalisation of the two.

Anyway, how are your views on abortion and birth connected?
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