lavendersparkle (lavendersparkle) wrote in abortiondebate,

Hypothetical US presidential election

If the were a US presidential election in which the two candidates were Martin Sheen and Rudy Giuliani and you were eligible to vote, who would you vote for?

To clarify what I'm getting at here, Martin Sheen would be classified by most people as very left-wing and has been involved in a lot of direct action against war in favour of worker and immigrant rights. He's also a member of Consistent life, and as such opposes abortion, the death penalty and euthanasia. I think that he has been involved with funding crisis pregnancy centres. Rudy Guiliani is a Republican who describes himself as pro-choice and has donated money to Planned Pregnancy. Generally a lot of people assume that views on abortion fall into left/right political views, what I'm asking is would you prefer a pro-life lefty or a pro-choice right-winger in the White House.

My answer: I'm an anti-abortion lefty and Martin Sheen would kinda be my ideal US president.
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