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The art of argument.

I was reading another community when it occured to me I haven't had to really think about a response to pro-life arguments in a long time. The arguments about abortion I see always follow down one of a very few paths, and are easy to predict. If you've had one argument about abortion, you've had them all, it seems. I'm willing to bet pro-life people feel the same way.

Do any of you yearn to hear a new conversation? Do you wish you'd be asked a question you don't already have an answer to (and have had the same answer for years)? If any of you have a question or a point that you'd like to see brought into the debate that you don't think people have already heard a million times, please post it.

My contribution:
Most of my patients (I work in an abortion clinic) refer to what's inside them as a baby. I have many, many religious patients who come in wearing crosses, bracelets with saints or stations of the cross pictured on them (or other non-Christian religious icons). Some of these patients even reference that abortion is against their belief system, but that they are sure this is the best decision for them. They have their procedures, and almost all of them are emotionally stable before, during, and after their procedures. It doesn't matter if a woman calls an embryo a baby or what sanctity she places on developing human life. Women will have abortions anyway, because other aspects of their life are more important to them.
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