Sally (atreic) wrote in abortiondebate,

So, this community is a lot quieter than it used to be. I guess you've all gone to facebook.

However, Slate Star Codex (who identifies as pro choice) made a couple of posts about abortion that I really liked, so I thought I'd flag them here.

Fetal Attraction - abortion and the principle of charity argues that "Pro-Lifers Don’t Give A Damn About Fetuses, They Only Care About Coercing Women" is rubbish, and pro-lifers clearly care about the fetuses, in a way I found pretty convincing.

Literally Inconceivable: Contraceptives And Abortion Rates tries to review whether we know that better access to contraception does decrease abortion rates. He concludes 'Overall my guess would be that a society that legalizes contraceptives would see an increase in abortion rates (which might or might not be causal depending on that society’s situation), but that in a society like our own, where contraceptives are already legal and the demographic transition is pretty much complete, increasing access to contraceptives is probably going to decrease abortion. And increasing access to extremely effective contraceptives like the implant or RISUG, especially when they replace less effective contraceptives like the condom, are very very probably going to decrease abortion.'

Hmm, this is supposed to contain a topic for debate, rather than just a link spam. Is 'do you find Slate Star Codex's arguments convincing' enough of a question?
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