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Causes of dropping abortion rates?

As we all may have heard by now, according to a study by the Guttmacher Institute that is covered in this article, abortion rates in the US are the lowest they have been in 30 years.  The story in question, covered by NPR, attributes this to a shrinking number of abortion providers.

However, this column by former Moral Majority official Cal Thomas attributes the drop in abortions solely to the efforts of right-to-life groups.  Planned Parenthood's spokespeople cite the growing availability of birth control, particularly the morning-after pill, which is much easier to obtain now that it is over-the-counter (rather than prescription) for consumers 18 and over.

So, what do we in the community think is causing the drop?  One of the above?  All of the above?  Something else entirely?  Me, I've been saying for a long time that Plan B is close to a godsend, but I'm not going to attribute everything to one factor - so what do we think?

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On Cross-Cultural factors..

Sex-selective abortions seem to be a common practice in India, a country that usually disfavors giving birth to females. My question, basically is if the unborn is not a human person, then whether or not someone destroys the fetus because of their sex should not raise any protests, right?

In one sense, it may be seen not too dissimilar from aborting a pregnancy due to the discovery of a potential deformity in a child. If you think the Indian practice to be unjust, why?
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Constitutional Rights

You may or may not know, but pro-life organizations in 5 states, including Colorado, are trying to define a fertilized egg as a person with full constitutional rights. Link

Specifically, they want to give fertilized eggs the right to due process.

I ask you generally what you think of this, and more specifically, just how do you think a non-sentient being could ever petition a court, fill out paper work, or seek representation, presumably in opposition to its mother.

More generally, I wonder if this changes the rights of children. It was my understanding that a child's access to due process and freedom of speech are severely curtailed due to their minority. If a non-sentient single celled organism has these rights, why not a child of 3?

40 days for life?

This isn't a debate topic per se, but I felt like this comm would yield a greater variety of responses.
The nationwide "40 Days for Life" protest ended on Sunday, November 4. What were your thoughts on these protests? Were you involved in them, either protesting or escorting/counter-protesting? Do you think they were successful?
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