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Welcome to abortiondebate. This community exists as a forum for people from all sides to debate the issue of abortion. Before you begin posting here, please read the rules below.


1. Your post must contain a subject for debate and it must relate to abortion. Posts in this community are moderated. Please check the memories before posting to see if your topic has been discussed recently.

abortiondebate has five moderators. We come from different countries, different religions, different political ideologies, and all sides of the abortion debate. We are not afraid to disagree with one another, and quite often do. If a majority of us agree that a post is stupid, that will almost certainly mean it is stupid and will detract from the general standard of debate in the community. If this occurs, it will be rejected on those grounds.

· Examples of acceptable posts:

Abortion and Elections - posted by surreality on 5.15.04
Expectant Mother who Screamed "Stop" Will Petition Supreme Court - posted by misplacedmind on 3.10.04
Legislating Morality - posted by kamuela on 4.26.04
Abortion Has Gone on for Time Immemorial? - posted by liwy on 3.08.04
Terminating Artifical Gestation - posted by noabsolutes on 4.30.04
Why is it a Choice? - posted by kali_kali on 3.07.04

· Examples of unacceptable posts: introductions, off-topic posts, community promotions, pro-choice or pro-life testimonials, etc. In lieu of introductions, please fill out this poll. Please direct off-topic discussions to the appropriate community. A list of abortion related communities can be found here. For community promotions, please go to community_promo. You may e-mail the abortiondebate maintainers if you would like to be added to our list of related communities.

2. Respect your fellow debaters. This includes using the appropriate language for this forum. Lead posts and comments using unacceptable language may be deleted or screened without warning. Examples include using excessive foul language, personal attacks, offensive terms for the opposing side (i.e. "pro-death" and "anti-choice"), or excessive denigration of the opposing side. The acceptable terms in this community are: "pro-choice," "pro-life," and "abortion rights supporter/opponent."

If someone chooses to self-identify by another term within a post and its resulting comments, others may refer to them by the term they have chosen for themselves within that post and resulting comments. Please review this link for the full post.

3. Please also extend the above rule to your user icons. Icons that provide other LJ users with your stance on abortion (i.e., "Keep Abortion Legal" or "Just Another Pro-Life Ass") are appropriate, however ones that insult the other side or call others stupid (i.e., Sinfest "Roe Roe Vs. Wade, Gently Down the Drain, Merrily Merrily Merrily, Lifers are Insane", "Reading that just lowered my IQ") are not. Please use common sense and treat people in the manner that you wish to be treated.

All icons must adhere to the standards set forth by the LJ Abuse Team, which means no graphic depictions of sex or violence. FAQ 95 will provide you with information on changing/creating keywords and changing your userpics.

4. Respect the right to privacy of people you know.

"Hey, I've got this really cool personal story I want to use as an example in my post, can I?

Most of the time, yes, but we want you to consider the following guidelines:

· If your story is entirely about you, go for it.
· If your story contains other people, you should change their names and not disclose sufficient personal information to identify them to strangers.
· If you are using someone else's story, you MUST exercise caution, courtesy and common sense.

ANY replies to any posts that violate these guidelines will be deleted when found and warned. Repeated violations may be grounds for banning. Please review this link for the full post.

5. Use the lj-cut tag when appropriate, i.e. if you have a very long post, include graphs, etc.

6. Do not disable comments or delete comment threads, except to correct typos. If you disable comments, your post WILL be removed. Repeated comment deletion will result in banning. Post deletion will also result in banning.

7. Do not post any tasteless pictures. This includes dead fetus pictures, dead women pictures, and anything else that could be considered inappropriate. Comments containing such pictures will be screened and the user will be warned or banned. Please review this link for the full post.

8. If you troll, you will be banned. If you create a sock puppet for use in this community, you will be banned.

If you feel that another member is behaving inappropriately, send an email to all of the abortiondebate maintainers. Please clearly mark your subject line and provide a link to the comment and your username so we can do something about it.

By clicking the "join now" link, you acknowledge and agree to follow these rules. If you violate any of these rules, you will receive a MOD NOTE requesting that you stop. Repeated violations will result in banning.

In the absence of any of the normal moderators, Morbo will take over moderating duties.

Please extend respect towards him or he will eat your face.


the abortiondebate management

maintainers: fallofrain fallofrain@livejournal.com / kali_kali kali_kali@livejournal.com / muliebrity muliebrity@livejournal.com / surreality surreality@comcast.net / the_alchemist the_alchemist@livejournal.com

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